Build 702.004 - Published Update – November 13th

Fixes and Updates


*Added improvements to USB mouse compatibility.
*Fixed Graphite UIN4 module calibration returning incorrect values.

Build 702.002 - Published Update – September 11th

Fixes and Updates


*Added 240 words-per-transaction limit to Ethernet Native Tags driver.
*Added ability to access L5K encoded add-on instructions.
*Added CAN Generic 11-bit/29-bit Identifier communications driver.
*Added support for SQL Queries.
*Added updates to Crimson Control Reference Manual.
*Fixed BACnet UDP/IP Slave driver not properly responding to CIDR broadcasts.
*Fixed cell modem driver affecting use of RS-232 programming port.
*Fixed Crimson crash on importing L5K database.
*Fixed download failure when ROC drivers enabled on virtual ports.
*Fixed Find Usage of tags mapped to Crimson Control variables crashing Crimson.
*Fixed incorrect response from BACnet MS/TP Slave driver on Who-Is Request.
*Fixed J1939 DM message transmissions.
*Fixed SSD 638 Drive not working with Graphite HMIs.

Build 700.000 - Published Update – May 17th

Fixes and Updates


*Added expansion of predefined TLP selection in ROC Enhanced driver.
*Added Heartbeat reset bit, heartbeat bypass bit, and counter reset support to E3.
*Fixed incorrect PID module range values in manual for ReqSP, AltSP and AltPV.
*Fixed J1939 driver not getting notified when comms block is deleted.
*Fixed Mail Manager causing reboot at start-up.
*Fixed SD memory cards not formatting to correct capacity.

Build 697.003 - Published Update – May 8th

Fixes and Updates


*Fixed Mail Manager causing reboot at start-up.
*Fixed modem AT command-request timing violation.

Build 697.002 - Published Update – March 15th

Fixes and Updates


*Fixed Yaskawa 3000 IEC driver M Word Swap option affecting QL registers.

Build 697.001 - Published Update – February 28th

Fixes and Updates


*Added driver for Emerson Process Micro Motion Coriolis Meter.
*Added driver for Yaskawa MP3000iec PLC.
*Added support for Graphite Edge Controller.
*Fixed BACNet slave drivers causing a system reboot.
*Fixed C3 crashing on selection of model E3-8ISOTC.
*Fixed GMPID1 module not detecting alarm when no 4-20 input is connected.
*Fixed port and device numbers disappearing from status bar.
*Fixed Rebuild Comms Blocks utility links not working consistently.
*Fixed ROC driver TIME Data Type not correctly converting time after 12/30/16.

Build 694.000 - Published Update – December 19th

Fixes and Updates


*Added ability to receive the Address Claim PGN 60928 in the J1939 communications driver.
*Added master and slave drivers for DNP3 serial and Ethernet communications.
*Added SSL support to e-mail service.
*Added support of SanDisk Ultra 50MB/s CompactFlash cards.
*Fixed Control Function Block DTCurDateTime producing incorrect outputs.
*Fixed error in custom web server pages when deleting tags from data tag section.
*Fixed Home Key not working in Graphite emulator.
*Fixed inability to enable Ethernet download when using System Menu.
*Fixed Mitsubishi Electric MELSERVO driver showing incorrect text.
*Fixed SQL Sync failing when string tags contain commas.
*Fixed SQL Sync service failing with data formatted using Numeric format, where Group Digits is set to Yes.
*Fixed SQL Sync service TCP Port limits to allow port numbers in the range (1..65535).
*Fixed various drawing issues for Graphite emulator.

Build 693.000 - Published Update – October 18th

Fixes and Updates


*Added configurable Ping Register support for Yaskawa SGDH communications driver.
*Added database download warning for Graphite HMIs and Controllers when Control is enabled.
*Added Emerson Process ROC Protocol Enhanced TCP/IP communications driver.
*Added extra data registers to IDEC Micro 3 Series/ONC communications driver.
*Added I-Am subnet broadcast in response to local Who-Is requests for BACnet UDP/IP Slave driver.
*Added IEC 61131-3 Control support for Graphite HMI and Controllers.
*Added support for Graphite Core Controller.
*Added System Console for Graphite Controllers.
*Fixed BACnet Slave UDP/IP driver causing reboot after BMS Controller request.
*Fixed Crimson 3 software registration error.
*Fixed data-log default name format.
*Fixed gateway block direction enumerations.
*Fixed Graphite communications module not coming on-line after database image load from SD card.
*Fixed single character module names appearing blank in tag source field.
*Fixed time and date format not honored in integer tag from data-only web page.
*Fixed Yokogawa FA-M3 PLC TCP/IP master driver error with Graphite HMI units.

Build 690.002 - Published Update – September 21st

Fixes and Updates


*Fixed DB register mapping bug for Siemens S7 TCP/IP Master with TIA S7 Tag Import driver.

Build 690.001 - Published Update – September 14th

Fixes and Updates


*Added ability to adjust blink rate of alarm messages in primitive.
*Added ability to disable Modbus TCP/IP slave device.
*Added auto recovery for GMJ1939 module for bus failures.
*Added driver for Emerson Control Techniques FX Serial Driver.
*Added driver for Emerson Control Techniques Mentor II Master.
*Added driver for Emerson Control Techniques Motion Coordinator.
*Added driver for Emerson Control Techniques Pre-configured Modbus TCP.
*Added driver for Emerson Control Techniques Pre-configured Serial Modbus.
*Added driver for Emerson Control Techniques Unidrive M Pre-configured Modbus TCP.
*Added driver for Emerson Control Techniques Unidrive M Pre-configured Serial Modbus.
*Added driver for image capture from generic IP cameras (tested with Axis P1214-E model).
*Added Graphite Module manual.
*Added Modular Controller Module manual.
*Added support for Graphite Tethered Rack module expansion system.
*Fixed "Previous" and "Next" buttons allowing access to private folders.
*Fixed data logger not following local separator in signatures column.
*Fixed Data Station Plus not generating GMC notice when fault occurs.
*Fixed display errors caused by tag prefixes.
*Fixed drag-and-drop of program allowing it to be visible in private folder.
*Fixed erroneous J1939 module status LED behavior.
*Fixed incorrect ability to add more than 16 modules to a Modular Controller database.
*Fixed incorrect ability to add more than one HSPA+ modem module to Grahite HMI, or to place in slot other than #1.
*Fixed KingBus driver causing configured hardware to stop and attempt restart.
*Fixed PTV and CSMSTRZR status light not indicating missing modules and/or terminating plugs.
*Fixed use of visibility feature causing lines to disappear completely.

Build 683.002 - Published Update – June 7th

Fixes and Updates


*Fixed GMHSPA & GMDN module connection failure.

Build 683.001 - Published Update – May 10th

Fixes and Updates


*Fixed tag numeric format with prefix causing data entry error.

Build 683.000 - Published Update – April 19th

Fixes and Updates


*Added DevCtrl support to change target IP of OPC Master driver.
*Added ability to change the FTP server port number.
*Added Allen-Bradley Micro800 Series driver.
*Added DevCtrl function to Modbus TCP/IP Master driver to determine which device is in communication.
*Added DevCtrl support to Mitsu A/Q/FX TCP driver to change IP and TCP port.
*Added DevCtrl support of fallback IP to the GE TCP/IP Master via SRTP driver.
*Added StratusConnect MC model featuring the Cloud Agent.
*Added support for extra characters in the alpha-numeric keypad.
*Added ability to configure duration and frequency that alarm messages appear in Alarm Ticker primitive.
*Added time/date format option to Mail Manager.
*Fixed "Find Usage" not working for Graphite modules.
*Fixed Crimson startup issue when running under Windows 10.
*Fixed global popup position setting not working for keypad.
*Fixed ramping keypad not functioning for numeric formats that include a prefix.
*Fixed Scatter Graph causing crash when the Data Source is not configured.
*Fixed use of "Size Same As" function causing Crimson to crash.

Build 678.002 - Published Update – March 7th

Fixes and Updates


*Added ability to DSPLE to support "GetVersionInfo()" function.
*Added Advantech ADAM 4000 Series v2.00 communications driver.
*Added fill-under-curve enhancement to Trend Viewer data display.
*Added option to use auto-generated unique primary keys to SQL Sync.
*Fixed CTI Camp driver not automatically recovering from failure.
*Fixed Graphite HMIs sending malformed DNS requests.
*Fixed Japanese character displaying as "?".
*Fixed Parker 6K communication driver’s real writes on Graphite HMIs.
*Improved Graphite module enumeration behavior.

Build 675.000 - Published Update – February 8th

Fixes and Updates


*Added Red Lion E3 Master TCP/IP driver.
*Added support for E3 I/O modules.
*Windows XP no longer supported (this version forward will not run under XP).

Build 662.006 - Published Update – January 4th

Fixes and Updates


*Fixed download failures of databases containing a DNS configuration.
*Fixed Siemens S7 TCP/IP Driver gateway block issue when mapping data blocks.

Build 662.002 - Published Update – October 17th

Fixes and Updates


*Added 32-bit access for Data Registers in IDEC Micro 3 Series / ONC communication driver.
*Added  improved Multistate access in BACnet Slave communication drivers.
*Added "Unsigned" option for "Treat As" function in Emerson Enhanced ROC driver.
*Added ability of custom web page data entry to work without changing HTML code in existing applications.
*Added ability to change text color in the Event Viewer.
*Added support for a 250 response code from an FTP server.
*Fixed "PortInput" function returning partial data after timeout has elapsed.
*Fixed FtpPutFile and FtpGetFile user functions hanging when called with no memory card present.
*Fixed German translation of "Add Gateway Block."
*Fixed IDEC driver not accepting a write of more than 17 "D" registers.
*Fixed inability to change certain TLPs in Emerson Enhanced ROC driver.
*Fixed inability to enter values for bits within a tag when tag is in Widget.
*Fixed incorrect addressing of certain gateway blocks in Siemens S7 TCP/IP Master driver.
*Fixed incorrect labeling of Kadet communications ports when running Crimson 3 in foreign languages.
*Fixed interference between Modbus "Automatic" and "Gateway" communications blocks.
*Fixed L5K driver generating duplicate "T->O" IDs.
*Fixed renaming of modules not being propagated to the source of mapped tags.
*Fixed SMTP authentication using MD5 Digest regardless of configuration.
*Fixed tag mapping changing when copying or importing  tags associated with ABB TotalFlow Enhanced Master drivers.
*Removed mouse support from CSMSTRZR and DSPZR models.

Build 657.003 - Published Update – August 17th

Fixes and Updates


*Added Siemens S7 TCP/IP Master with TIA S7 Tag Import Driver.

Build 657.001 - Published Update – August 11th

Fixes and Updates


*Added communication improvements to ABB TotalFlow Enhanced Master drivers.
*Added expanded Application Number functionality for ABB TotalFlow Enhanced Master drivers.
*Added Start Command timeout to Siemens S7 via MPI Adapter driver.
*Fixed autotranslation not completing with some databases.
*Fixed autotranslation not working with long text boxes.
*Fixed CS and Graphite PID2 Module AltPV behavior.
*Fixed exporting of strings causing software crash.
*Fixed File Viewer Primitive when viewing files with malformed content.
*Fixed inability to configure translation when running in French.
*Fixed L5K V2 driver memory leak.
*Fixed Pason WITS driver real writes.
*Fixed USB keyboard input not working on G306 with USB Host Option Card.

Build 647.002 - Published Update – May 19th

Fixes and Updates


*Added improvement to J1939 driver multipacket send mechanism.
*Added new version of ABB Totalflow driver.
*Added support for new G3/MC/DSP HSPA+ modem option card.
*Added user interface to CANOpen PDO Slave Driver to allow manual TPDO configuration.
*Added warning box to Save Conversion function.
*Fixed address changing after tag creation.
*Fixed alarm tags containing invalid or non-working options.
*Fixed CAN PDO Slave Driver causing endless reboot.
*Fixed Crimson 3 crashing during import.
*Fixed Crimson crashing when viewing web page.
*Fixed emulator not working with G10R Graphite HMI.
*Fixed Event History not functioning properly.
*Fixed G3 rebooting when custom web page is accessed.
*Fixed importing of data tags causing Crimson to crash.
*Fixed modem drivers not honoring baud rate setting.
*Fixed PDF viewer causing GMC.
*Fixed rebooting of G15 due to unreachable DNS server after database download.
*Fixed SaveCameraSetup function not working in Banner camera driver.

Build 640.002 - Published Update – April 9th

Fixes and Updates


*Fixed intermittent power resulting in apparent loss of database.

Build 640.001 - Published Update – March 17th

Fixes and Updates


*Added PDF viewer primitive to ProducTVity Station (PTV).

Build 640.000 - Published Update – February 23rd

Fixes and Updates


*Added DeviceNet module support for Graphite HMIs.
*Added HSPA+ cellular modem module support for Graphite HMIs.
*Added PROFIBUS module support for Graphite HMIs.
*Added updates and corrections to Reference Manual.
*Added updates and corrections to User Manual.

Build 639.000 - Published Update – February 16th

Fixes and Updates


*Added configuration sorting to optimize communications in Emerson Process ROC Enhanced Driver
*Added Opcode table access to Emerson Process ROC Enhanced Driver
*Fixed AsTextR64 failing to display digits after decimal point
*Fixed Emerson Process ROC Enhanced Driver clock CurrentTime writes
*Fixed Emerson ROC with NRM radio module resulting in garbled data

Build 635.001 - Published Update – January 26th

Fixes and Updates


*Fixed Crimson crash and driver mapping failure when using Emerson Process ROC Enhanced Driver in build 635.000

Build 635.000 - Published Update – January 5th

Fixes and Updates


*Added changes to Enhanced ROC Driver string mapping
*Added clearer functionality of Modbus ping holding register
*Added default event name for alarms as in Crimson 2
*Added entry order option to Pages
*Added extended range of data registers to Mitsubishi Q Series driver
*Added increased Type-K thermocouple temperature range to all modules
*Added TCP Port for TCP Link option to Options Menu
*Fixed 2D barcode not functioning on non-Graphite units
*Fixed ability to map HCM value
*Fixed Allen Bradley CSV import (DF1 and DH485 Driver) allowing invalid tag names
*Fixed attaching of mouse causing G315 to reboot
*Fixed BSAP master serial driver not communicating with device address 16
*Fixed Crimson crashing when clicking on data logger or web server
*Fixed CTC 2000 Series master driver not functioning
*Fixed data droping out on remote view during CF image save
*Fixed data entry still functioning when group's show property is false
*Fixed edge triggered and auto accept level alarms not operating correctly
*Fixed enabling of custom home page breaking access to internal web pages
*Fixed extracting database from G304K2 via USB to 232 converter
*Fixed file conversion of G12 to G09 causing shell crash
*Fixed font sizing issue on Graphite HMIs
*Fixed G15 download stalling when writing data block 2
*Fixed G304K databases not converting to Kadet 2 properly
*Fixed G306K Kadet crashing when running Modbus drivers
*Fixed GetCurrentUserName not being populated by webserver login
*Fixed GetInterfaceStatus(2) not functioning
*Fixed GMDIO module Active High/Active Low
*Fixed Graphite battery reading not working
*Fixed image file not loading from CompactFlash card as expected
*Fixed incorrect button navigation in system menu
*Fixed IsDeviceOnline() function not working with S7 300/400 TCP/IP driver
*Fixed L5K V1 Driver reading too much data
*Fixed L5K V2 driver failing to reconnect without a read
*Fixed log time stamps not honoring time zone setting in Time Manager
*Fixed Modbus Device Gateway Driver not responding to function code 16 properly
*Fixed Modbus TCP/IP Slave not working on option card port
*Fixed MPI card not communicating to multiple devices
*Fixed PortInput not functioning as desired
*Fixed PTV failing to output
*Fixed system menu affecting touch screen calibration
*Fixed system menu displaying unsupported options
*Fixed tag import allowing for invalid character for tag name
*Fixed tag import causing database crash due to illegal character in tag description
*Fixed tag import/export issue
*Fixed unit rebooting when trend viewer exceeds 24hr view
*Fixed USB host copy being very slow

Build 624.005 - Published Update – October 20th

Fixes and Updates


*Added ability to disable Modbus Gateway device
*Disabled memory card access of Trend Viewer due to slow response time
*Fixed continuous log Trend Viewer not showing all data
*Fixed crashing of G306K when running Modbus drivers
*Fixed L5k file causing Crimson to crash on import
*Fixed L5K V2 driver requesting individual items
*Fixed L5K V2.01 driver creating invalid named tags of wrong type
*Fixed Modbus Device Gateway driver not responding to function code 16 properly
*Fixed Modbus driver polling return errors
*Fixed PortInput not functioning properly without carriage return
*Fixed Trend Viewer not trending logs set to triggered snapshots properly

Build 624.000 - Published Update – September 15th

Fixes and Updates


*Fixed CSTC8ISO modules not detecting failed input correctly
*Fixed Galil/Yaskawa Universal SMC serial driver not allowing runtime to be stopped
*Fixed GetInterfaceStatus(2) not functional
*Fixed PFM not functional with Kadet and Graphite HMIs

Build 619.004 - Published Update – August 12th

Fixes and Updates


*Fixed G307K2 Kadet failing to restart after power cycle

Build 619.002 - Published Update – July 28th

Fixes and Updates


*Added ability to monitor Graphite module status
*Added ability to set backlight timeout from a tag
*Added access to CF data via trend viewer
*Added additional image types to image file selection list
*Added change to Profibus slave driver names
*Added driver for KOYO Do-more PLC
*Added indication of configured modules on module lists
*Added modification to how data is displayed in Trend Viewer
*Added modification to Modbus slave drivers to support reading more bits per transaction
*Added option to define gateway address from system menu
*Added option to force reload of image from CF card
*Added option to not expect response to a Modbus write
*Added option to send a single packet for PortPrint
*Added option to send out single Ethernet packet that includes nulls
*Added ping command to detect Ethernet devices
*Added support to MakePic utility to support all product color formats
*Added system menu to Crimson 3
*Fixed alias input I/O not responding in AB L5K V2 driver
*Fixed bool array issues with L5K V2 driver
*Fixed BSAP UDP data appearing to jump
*Fixed CSMSTRZR not allowing user to add modules
*Fixed Graphite home icon not working in web server
*Fixed inability to write long values via CAN PDO slave driver
*Fixed Kadet 2 inability to write reals to Animatics Smart Motor
*Fixed mouse cursor position not constrained to screen
*Fixed navigating to a page crashing Crimson 3
*Fixed PortInput command not ending with timeout
*Fixed scaled tags causing fill mode to crash on primitive fill behavior
*Fixed tag limits with fill-from-bottom feature causing crash with value greater than 12832
*Fixed trend viewer with cursor not always showing data
*Fixed widget binding crashing Crimson 3
*Fixed widget not following array element assignments

Build 615.004 - Published Update – June 23rd

Fixes and Updates


*Added Graphite module support for CAN protocol
*Added Graphite module support for J1939 protocol

Build 605.002 - Published Update – March 25th

Fixes and Updates


*Added ability to access BACnet UDP slave device ID
*Added ability to add more than one tag at a time to L5K V2 driver Available Address list
*Added BACnet relinquish support
*Added DevCtrl support to Enhanced ROC Driver to control group and unit numbers
*Added DevCtrl support to L5K driver
*Added digital inputs to ROC driver
*Added disable of abort button during critical download period
*Added mechanism to ROC driver to detect string access character length
*Added missing security option to Chinese Crimson version
*Added option to choose which logs are sync'ed with SQL database
*Added option to configure timeout for "Auto Scroll" of event viewer
*Added option to include 'FIRE_TRIGGERS' hint to SQL Sync
*Added PID selection to drop down of ROC drivers
*Added predefined point types to Enhanced ROC Driver
*Added slot and route options to L5K V2 driver
*Added square brackets around table and column names for SQL Sync
*Fixed Allen-Bradely L5K v1 driver not communicating when routing path contains IP address string with an odd number of characters
*Fixed Allen-Bradley L5K V1.04 driver corrupting tags when L5K file is imported
*Fixed Allen-Bradley Native Tags via L5K V2.0 driver droping UDT comms when another device on protocol has communication error
*Fixed Allen-Bradley Native Tags via L5K V2.0 driver tags not showing up in Resource pane
*Fixed Allen-Bradley Native Tags via L5K V2.0 with removal of manual tag entry
*Fixed Allen-Bradley Native Tags via L5K V2.00 driver not reading Real tag
*Fixed Arial 32 Black font displaying improperly on G304K200
*Fixed BACnet MS/TP connection causing data corruption
*Fixed BACnet MS/TP data points not being auto-discovered
*Fixed BACnet MS/TP Slave not functioning
*Fixed BACnet UDP/IP Master stopping polling
*Fixed BACnet UDP/IP not responding to Who-Is or issuing I-Am request on secondary Ethernet port
*Fixed BACnet UPD/IP with 802.3 communications issue
*Fixed conversion feature changing tag addresses
*Fixed database causing G315 to lose time
*Fixed database giving resource error when modifying data tags
*Fixed database not loading to G12 with certain images included
*Fixed Enhanced ROC Driver not reading string length correctly
*Fixed Enhanced ROC Driver not using ping correctly
*Fixed importing L5K crashing Crimson 3.0
*Fixed J1939 custom PGN editor not working with more than 8 SPNs
*Fixed mouse cursor not working on Graphite units
*Fixed opening database in new build changing mappings
*Fixed space being sent at end of a string even if NUL is selected
*Fixed SQL Sync not always generating proper column type
*Fixed SQL Sync of large logs failing
*Fixed text not displaying properly on G304K2 and G307K2
*Fixed TLP item in ROC driver showing as wrong data type

Build 603.000 - Published Update – March 3rd

Fixes and Updates


*Added 2D barcode primitive
*Added acknowledge bit to SQL Sync
*Fixed Cognex driver not displaying images properly
*Fixed Cognex image driver not working on Graphite models

Build 599.001 - Published Update – February 11th

Fixes and Updates


*Fixed missed and repeated touches on Graphite models

Build 599.000 - Published Update – January 27th

Fixes and Updates


*Added download-only mode for protection access
*Added driver for Yaskawa A1000 TCP
*Added gateway block export option
*Added increase to Security Timeout Limit of four hours
*Added SNMP traps for analog values
*Added support for fonts larger than 200pt
*Fixed Baldor Mint Host not writing reals correctly
*Fixed data box covering trend area in Trend Viewer
*Fixed deleting of last formatted tag crashing Crimson when "New Tag" is selected
*Fixed DSP and MC RS485 port intermittent comms with Modbus Universal Master ASCII Mode and Port Sharing enabled
*Fixed emulator web server showing incorrect colors
*Fixed GetWeek returning incorrect value
*Fixed GMUNI module not staying set for Type K thermocouple
*Fixed going from build 502.001 to 582.001 causing SDO driver to change addresses
*Fixed Graphite rebooting when scanned with IP scanner
*Fixed Graphite sending malformed DNS requests
*Fixed Graphite units occasionally missing screen touches
*Fixed HEX Characters Show as ? with Arial Font
*Fixed L5K V2.00 driver failing to reconnect to device
*Fixed large database causing unit to reboot
*Fixed new option to sort Alarm Viewer that changed default behavior
*Fixed Sandisk CF card not being recognized
*Fixed SMAnet driver not working with Sunny Boy model SB 7000US
*Fixed Smart Duplicate
*Fixed SNMP traps not being sent
*Fixed Yaskawa Series 7 driver not functioning on Graphite models

Build 582.004 - Published Update – January 8th

Fixes and Updates


*Fixed virtual ports not functioning on Graphite HMI models

Build 582.003 - Published Update – December 24th

Fixes and Updates


*Fixed display flickering seen in Graphite G07 models

Build 582.001 - Published Update – October 14th

Fixes and Updates


*Fixed alignment display defect in Kadet 2 HMIs
*Fixed defective color rendering in Kadet 2 HMIs

Build 582.000 - Published Update – October 7th

Fixes and Updates


*Added ability of Boulder Windpower CAN driver to send 0-8 bytes of data
*Added ability of Modbus slave drivers to receive broadcast messages
*Added ability of N-Tron driver to work with additional protocol version
*Added ability to sort alarm list by newest first
*Added access to EM memory in Omron FINS Master driver
*Added driver for ABB Totalflow G4
*Added driver for Yamaha TS-X
*Added error notice when database conversion configures both modes of single Kadet port
*Added extended format control to AsTextR64WithFormat user function
*Fixed "Verify" not working with CSSG module
*Fixed AB Native Tags Driver not reading correct data
*Fixed AsTextR64 not working with N-View driver
*Fixed BACnet UDP/IP slave not sending unsolicited i-am
*Fixed cell modem drivers causing Graphite units to reboot
*Fixed crash caused by Edit/Undo of deleting driver from port after database conversion
*Fixed emulator crashing in Kadet 2 and Graphite databases
*Fixed flag tags not disconnecting from module outputs
*Fixed Graphite trend buffer being limited to 5 minutes
*Fixed grid not showing within configuration on some PCs
*Fixed L5K 2.0 mapping of real tags being treated as integers
*Fixed L5K pre-defined type inconsistencies
*Fixed Modular Controller not initializing module unless data being accessed
*Fixed N-View driver reporting incorrect values
*Fixed Omron FINS Ethernet driver failing to communicate if PLC has I/O fault
*Fixed OPCWorx not honoring tag's "Implied" type
*Fixed PPP and Modem Server causing crash or restart of Graphite units
*Fixed SMS via GSM Modem causing crash or restart of Graphite units
*Fixed System Variable (i) not being recognized by flag triggers
*Fixed tag names being altered after drag and drop action
*Fixed vertical and horizontal bars not including SP in comms scan unless SP tag is on screen
*Fixed vertical and horizontal bars not showing SP line unless data source is writeable
*Fixed Yamaha driver not writing to PN register correctly

Build 579.003 - Published Update – August 27th

Fixes and Updates


*Fixed G306A touch screen failure-to-start
*Fixed G307K2 comms failure with AB ControlLogix systems
*Fixed Graphite models occasionally staying in boot-loader mode during startup

Build 579.001 - Published Update – August 19th

Fixes and Updates


*Added ability to use cameras with Graphite models
*Added improved Graphite performance
*Added USB mouse support
*Fixed CF image not working properly on PTV
*Fixed converting Graphite to MC not maintaining correct modules
*Fixed entering a count of one in Scatter Graph Properties causing crash
*Fixed Galil driver overwriting user-entered data with a zero
*Fixed generic 29-bit CAN driver reading incorrect data
*Fixed Merge Audio having no pitch
*Fixed missing rop codes in BitBlt
*Fixed PDF viewer not working on Graphite models
*Fixed PNG images being inverted on Graphite models
*Fixed PrintScreenToFile 8bit displaying images upside down on graphite models
*Fixed PTV not displaying BMP images properly
*Fixed software exception when mounting CF card on PTV

Build 573.002 - Published Update – July 18th

Fixes and Updates


*Fixed touch calibration failure in Graphite HMI models

Build 573.001 - Published Update – July 1st

Fixes and Updates


*Added support for Graphite HMI series

Build 548.005 - Published Update – June 4th

Fixes and Updates


*Added driver for Omni Flow Computer

Build 548.001 - Published Update – April 8th

Fixes and Updates


*Added function to force SQL sync
*Added improved speed of FTP feature
*Added increase in resolution of SQL sync period to minutes
*Added increased number of TCP ports available in ROC Protocol Enhanced driver
*Fixed ability to save inverted triangles
*Fixed Alstom GEM80 JK slave not responding
*Fixed data jumping between tags using the Native Tags via L5K File driver
*Fixed database download problem caused by Allen Bradley native tags driver
*Fixed entered value getting changed in Yaskawa TCP/IP MP2000iec driver
*Fixed FTP of large file over cell modem failing
*Fixed G307K2 crashing when quick plot primitive is full
*Fixed G315 TCP buffer overflow causing GMC 24-2000-E0BA-3418
*Fixed import of L5K file causing Crimson to stop responding
*Fixed inability to disable remote control
*Fixed inability to use both ports of XCRS expansion card
*Fixed incorrect operator precedence
*Fixed Modbus TCP/IP master incorrectly closing socket
*Fixed PDF Viewer skewing colors
*Fixed secure log showing name of last logged-in user
*Fixed SQL Sync failing when logs don't use comma delimiters
*Fixed TCP send window size management
*Fixed trend viewer causing G306 to power-cycle
*Fixed using Tag.AsText in event name not refreshing value

Build 530.003 - Published Update – March 20th

Fixes and Updates


*Fixed ghosting of screen image on G307K2

Build 530.002 - Published Update – March 11th

Fixes and Updates


*Added verification of file transfer completion

Build 530.001 - Published Update – February 25th

Fixes and Updates


*Fixed stalling communications on G304K2 and G307K2 units

Build 530.000 - Published Update – February 11th

Fixes and Updates


*Added DevCtrl Function to Switch Between Primary and Fallback IPs for Siemens S7-300/400 Driver
*Added Enhancements to L5K Driver Performance
*Fixed G304K2 Kadet 2 RS485 Aux & Comms Not Functional with RLC Instrument Driver
*Fixed G306K Retentive Memory Loss

Build 523.003 - Published Update – January 7th

Fixes and Updates


*Added Boulder Wind Power CAN driver
*Added DevCtrl support to Beta LaserMike LS UDP driver
*Added drivers for Beta LaserMike LS4000 & LS8000
*Added generic 29-bit identifier CAN driver
*Added increase of 60 seconds to device comms delay
*Added N-Tron N-View support
*Added support for new CSMSTRZR and DSPZR models
*Fixed Beta LaserMike LS driver reporting Outputs:AnalogFullScale as a Real
*Fixed converted database causing crash when modules selected
*Fixed CSPID internal values being altered by program
*Fixed database not loading into G315
*Fixed DH485 driver not starting comms after power cycle on G304K2
*Fixed EtherNet/IP driver not working with offset greater than zero
*Fixed LG Master-K driver not functioning on Kadet models
*Fixed Parker 6K TCP driver adding incorrect character
*Fixed Smart Duplicate incrementing word but not bit number
*Fixed tag mappings getting corrupted when converting from G304K to G315

Build 515.003 - Published Update – November 14th

Fixes and Updates


*Fixed DF1 Master via PCCC/EIP driver causing reboot.

Build 515.002 - Published Update – November 1st

Fixes and Updates


*Added ability to pass tag metadata to BACnet client
*Added driver for CANopen PDO Slave
*Added driver for Cognex Cameras
*Added driver for IFM Efector Dualis Object Recognition Sensor
*Added driver for Microscan Hawk
*Added driver for PPT VISION Smart Camera
*Added Enhanced Emerson Process ROC driver
*Added option for comms to CPU in a different rack via L5K driver
*Fixed AS511 not able to read or write MW and the I/O
*Fixed auto-translation failing
*Fixed Banner iVu image not displaying on DSP or PTV
*Fixed Banner Presence Plus P4 image colors and size off using PTV
*Fixed Beckhoff driver not working on G306K
*Fixed camera primitive image timing out after roughly 2 seconds
*Fixed cause of error code GMC 2E-4000-75DC-3484
*Fixed config not running in Spanish
*Fixed Crimson crashing at various points when running in Spanish
*Fixed Crimson crashing when copying mapped flag tags into a new database that does not have the PLC set up in comms first
*Fixed database crashing Crimson when you view data tags
*Fixed deleting devices or drivers with flag tags mapped crashing Crimson
*Fixed disabling Mail Manager with tags set to E-mail-On-Alarm causing reboot
*Fixed downloading converted database causing display/download failure in Kadets
*Fixed Event Viewer stopping to refresh and not deleting older events
*Fixed G307K2 runtime clock losing time
*Fixed getting fault code 22-0000-0017-3418 without data logging enabled
*Fixed GetVersionInfo always returning zero for Argument 3
*Fixed Giddings and Lewis driver causing C3 to stop responding
*Fixed inability to create arrays in CANopen SDO Master
*Fixed inability to edit array elements from custom or data-only web page
*Fixed inability to verify database when native tags driver in use
*Fixed Keep-Alive behavior
*Fixed Modbus ASCII Slave Driver performance issue
*Fixed PID values not being retained after power cycle
*Fixed ReadData() function not working correctly for string tags when mapped to Modbus
*Fixed RS485 port appearing dead with a given database
*Fixed Show Visible property on Trend View Objects not working with Expressions
*Fixed Spanish Windows crashing when Page Properties is selected
*Fixed viewing of Kadet tags on-line causing unit to reboot w/o GMC

Build 502.003 - Published Update – October 10th

Fixes and Updates


*Fixed inability to download database which includes native tag addressing.
*Fixed Parker 6K TCP driver adding incorrect character.
*Fixed G307K2 runtime clock losing time.
*Fixed DH485 driver losing communications after power cycle.
*Fixed Kadet 2s entering restart loop after database download.

Build 502.001 - Published Update – September 18th

Fixes and Updates


*Fixed reset of MAC ID numbers in Kadet models.

Build 502.000 - Published Update – August 14th

Fixes and Updates


*Added support for Kadet 2 models.

Build 493.005 - Published Update – August 8th

Fixes and Updates


*Fixed retentive memory loss issue in Modular Controller and Data Station products.

Build 493.004 - Published Update – July 26th

Fixes and Updates


*Added MicroMod TCP/IP Master driver.

Build 493.003 - Published Update – July 6th

Fixes and Updates


*Fixed G3 intermittent comms when ARP request for gateway address not responded to.
*Fixed inability to map tag to FST register message #1 parameter within Emerson Process ROC driver.
*Fixed intermittent DH485 comms after TCP download.
*Fixed internal clock of G315 running too fast.
*Fixed LogComment function not adding comments to log.

Build 493 - Published Update – June 26th

Fixes and Updates


*Added ability to password protect programs and data tags.
*Added access to S registers in Mitsubishi A/Q/FX driver.
*Added delay after Modbus master broadcast.
*Added driver updates for BSAP slave advanced functionality.
*Added GetAlarmTag(index) function to Resource pane.
*Added improvements to MIF import in MicroMod driver.
*Fixed adding 2nd Bristol Babcock BSAP device causing modular controller to reboot.
*Fixed adding 2nd Bristol Babcock slave stopping comms to first unit.
*Fixed alarm ticker not saving edge format.
*Fixed BSAP UDP master driver not using device level timeout.
*Fixed CSTC8000 channels 2-8 not working on mV setting.
*Fixed fallback mode issue with SMAnet driver.
*Fixed Garmin driver functionality.
*Fixed Koyo ECOM master driver reverting to default device ID and protocol options.
*Fixed L5K driver not reconnecting to all devices.
*Fixed Merge Events not honoring the "no" selection.
*Fixed ProducTVity Station not anti-aliasing properly.
*Fixed ProducTVity Station not reducing to 256 colors properly on web server.
*Fixed recipe writes using maximum record count.
*Fixed SMS message relay not including message.

Build 484 - Published Update – April 18th

Fixes and Updates


*Added ability to use custom landing page for remote view.
*Added fallback TSAP and ability to communicate to redundant S7-400 PLCs.
*Added increased measurement range of K-type thermocouple in CSPID2 module (to 1350°C).
*Added module calibration utility within Crimson 3.0.
*Added new module (CSTC8ISO) with increased measurement range of K-type thermocouple (to 1350°C).
*Added new ramp/soak method.
*Added standalone module calibration utility.
*Fixed CSINV8 not reading zero voltage properly when in 0-10V mode.
*Fixed CSPID ramp/soak ProfError acting at 90% of value.
*Fixed ProfError in range of 328-655° causing profile to enter auto hold in CSPID2 module.
*Fixed XCENET card locking up with heavy network traffic.

Build 477.003 - Published Update – March 28th

Fixes and Updates


*Fixed decimal point not being honored in integer tag on data-only web page.

Build 477 - Published Update – March 15th

Fixes and Updates


*Added DevCtrl support to change IP address of DF1 Master via PCCC/EIP driver.
*Fixed "This is not a genuine copy of Crimson 3" error.
*Fixed Trend Viewer causing G306 to reboot.
*Fixed Class Selection under Animatics Smart Motor driver.
*Fixed GALIL driver not updating registers.
*Fixed ActiveAlarms failing with Data-Match-Event and Edge-Triggered Alarm tags.
*Fixed BACnet UDP/IP Slave not sending after power-up.
*Fixed Parker 6K TCP driver not displaying strings.

Build 469 - Published Update – January 3rd

Fixes and Updates


*Added SMAnet driver.
*Added update to ROC driver.
*Added update to Yokogawa FMA3 driver.
*Fixed flag tags not importing properly when using MicroMod driver.
*Fixed incorrect TCP/IP receive window management.
*Fixed L5K driver failing to read arrays 246 elements long.
*Fixed Modbus ASCII slave driver not working.
*Fixed multi-state tags not importing properly when using MicroMod driver.
*Fixed no indication of lost communications when using Beta LaserMike driver.
*Fixed ReadData() function not working correctly for string tags.
*Fixed time server not responding to client requests.

Build 459 - Published Update – November 11th

Fixes and Updates


*Fixed database causing unit to reboot every three hours.
*Fixed inability to communicate to ControlLogix through EN2T card.
*Fixed touching blank screen areas causing buttons to activate.
*Fixed XCCN option card not working in ProducTVity Station.

Build 454 - Published Update – October 20th

Fixes and Updates


*Added BSAP Master driver update.
*Added BSAP Slave driver.
*Added increased number of major and minor divisions in the Trend Viewer.
*Added SQL Sync to ProductTVity Station.
*Added validation parameter for data entry items.
*Fixed font size change with Hebrew usage.
*Fixed L5K driver writes incorrectly formatted value.
*Fixed PortPrint is only sending out 2 characters.
*Fixed ProductTVity Station intermittent backplane communication.
*Fixed ProducTVity Station doesn't honor transparency.
*Fixed tag import allows invalid characters.

Build 443 - Published Update – September 12th

Fixes and Updates


*Added BETA LaserMike drivers.
*Added ProducTVity Station support.

Build 437 - Published Update – August 15th

Fixes and Updates


*Added ability to disable spanning reads.
*Added B&R Mininet driver.
*Added Banner iVu driver.
*Added camera image primitive.
*Added DevCtrl support to BSAP driver.
*Added easier creation of sequential mappings.
*Added Eaton ELC Master updates.
*Added Emerson Process Floboss via ROC driver.
*Added Fallback IP for Siemens S7-300/400 TCP/IP driver.
*Added improved handling of Beta drivers.
*Added IQAN driver.
*Added language forcing switch to installer.
*Added manual update for digital signatures.
*Added marquee display support.
*Added more translation languages.
*Added new property of "Read Anyway" to program area.
*Added option to swap bytes in Modbus Master CRC.
*Added PDF viewer model filter.
*Added raise and lower keys to numeric entry keypad.
*Added sending of events to raw port.
*Added setup folder to hold MIBs etc.
*Added SNMP driver.
*Added support for Allen Bradley SLC 5/01.
*Added support for preemptive writes.
*Added system variable descriptions to manual.
*Added update to "Using the Data Logger" section of user manual.
*Added update to C3 manual.
*Added update to Micromod TCP/IP Master driver.
*Added Yaskawa A1000 serial driver.
*Fixed alarm ticker flashing after alarm is accepted.
*Fixed arrays in slave gateway block.
*Fixed block write from master to slave.
*Fixed C3 install when GoldX is present.
*Fixed C3 not executing in Spanish.
*Fixed CommitandReset() not saving properly.
*Fixed crash on data entry for widget-within-widget.
*Fixed crash on exporting CSV from Allen Bradley tag names driver.
*Fixed CSMSTR C2 file import.
*Fixed CSOUT not functioning when negative value is used for data low.
*Fixed DevCtrl not returning FallBack IP Address for Modbus TCP device.
*Fixed DeviceNet option card error.
*Fixed DH485 comms failing with token generation.
*Fixed display items getting shifted when page is shown as a popup.
*Fixed Downloading Via Verify not prompting for untranslated programs.
*Fixed flag tags not showing PLC address in bit selection.
*Fixed gateway block settings reverting back to default values after data tag changes.
*Fixed imported file causing config crash.
*Fixed importing of Allen Bradley CSV file causing crash.
*Fixed inability to change tag mapping to another module.
*Fixed Micromod Extended Modbus.
*Fixed Micromod MIF file import.
*Fixed Modbus device gateway driver blocking direction.
*Fixed Modbus TCP/IP Master not disabling Code 16 when writing Word as Long.
*Fixed MPI comms failing with too many tags.
*Fixed multiple GMCs with SQL Sync running.
*Fixed Quick Plot causing emulator to crash.
*Fixed Read Always error.
*Fixed routing table error.
*Fixed runtime code not passing array index.
*Fixed shell error after conversion to Modular Controller GT.
*Fixed Unexpected Reply Code 1.17.2.
*Fixed unit crashing if SMS is too long.

Build 418 - Published Update – April 21st

Fixes and Updates


*Added access to BACnet MS/TP Slave MAC and Device ID's from panel.
*Added allowance for gateway blocks of a named comms item.
*Added AMS ID for Beckhoff driver.
*Added Animatics Smartmotor updates.
*Added batch folder name validation functions.
*Added CPU 943 support in Siemens S5 AS511 driver.
*Added DynDNS additional domain support.
*Added event tags to the interest list.
*Added extension to 2F GMC watchdog timer.
*Added G310 display type in title bar.
*Added GoldX drivers to installation.
*Added improved alarm poll efficiency.
*Added improved text handling for C2 button import.
*Added improved UTF-8 CSV encoding for logged data.
*Added limitation of Data Log names to 8 Characters.
*Added modified scripts to use 32-bit tools.
*Added multiple CPU access to Mitsubishi Q series TCP/IP driver.
*Added new SQL Sync Service.
*Added Omron G9SP serial driver.
*Added pending segment support to stack.
*Added Report Network PGNs Diagnostic Function in J1939 driver.
*Added revised C3 user manual.
*Added routing to Square D driver.
*Added SPI master driver.
*Added tag alarm OnClear and OnActive.
*Added timestamp change when signing file.
*Added toggle to array tags in resource pane.
*Added trimmed memory usage on Kadet.
*Added various PDF viewer improvements.
*Added VT220 firmware.
*Fixed AB DF1 PCCC via EIP false data bug.
*Fixed access of MicroLogix DF1 array elements greater than 254.
*Fixed Adam 4000 series modules driver Kadet support.
*Fixed AlarmAcceptAll OnAccept of an alarm.
*Fixed Applied Motion parse bug and increased register range.
*Fixed balloon help for concurrent batch properties.
*Fixed broken folder binding.
*Fixed C3 rich button support.
*Fixed database crash upon open.
*Fixed database not retained on G315.
*Fixed database validation with BSAP driver and support upload.
*Fixed DeviceNet EDS file encoding.
*Fixed dialog boxes placement.
*Fixed download broken by compression code.
*Fixed emulator bug.
*Fixed File Viewer scrolling.
*Fixed G3RS0000 turns Off RS485 transmit line too quickly.
*Fixed GetAlarmTag function missing.
*Fixed IFM ASI Master via CoDeSys SP driver.
*Fixed image update from USB when Sync disabled.
*Fixed J1939 protcol will not allow custom PGN with SPN sizes of 16 bits.
*Fixed large symbols display corrupted on G315.
*Fixed legacy shadow import.
*Fixed MC to MC conversion issue.
*Fixed memory leak in nettle.
*Fixed name of month displayed as "???" on G315's maximum keyboard size.
*Fixed PDF Viewer will not render OpenType fonts.
*Fixed random reboot problem.
*Fixed rare USB stick problems after Ethernet download.
*Fixed security keypad does not appear on pages requiring maintenance access.
*Fixed symbols properties dialog fields.
*Fixed Trend Viewer data items writing over buttons.
*Fixed Trend Viewer usage issues.
*Fixed upgrade race condition with CF.
*Fixed URLs to use permalink syntax.
*Fixed various bugs for Bristol Babcock BSAP Master driver.
*Fixed various issues on CF verses Ethernet interplay.
*Fixed WaitData always returns true.
*Fixed WinCheck shows error inn wrong position after first file.
*Fixed WinPCAP not installed when trying to run emulator.
*Fixed write queue error handling.

Build 280 - Published Update – March 3rd

Fixes and Updates


*Fixed CF not recognized.

Build 278 - Published Update – February 22nd

Fixes and Updates

*Added data log sign modification.

*Added Omron G9SP ethernet driver.

*Fixed crash on load with tags in ethernet config.

*Fixed File Viewer primitive.

*Fixed FRAM/EEPROM and increased CF performance.

*Fixed race condition on RTS control.

*Fixed strange symbols in watch window.

*Fixed wild write on startup.

Build 271 - Published Update – January 26th

Fixes and Updates

*Added better checking of tag source device.

*Added better checks on SetTag function.

*Added better flash memory management.

*Added block operations to NITP series drivers.

*Added custom web page redirect.

*Added expanded register ranges for GE SNP and SRTP drivers.

*Added force for G306A boot loader upgrade.

*Added Hebrew support.

*Added increased bit address range in Yaskawa MPIEC driver.

*Added increased program-thru buffer sizes.

*Added L3 and L4 spaces to Modbus.

*Added larger and maximum keypad fonts.

*Added Micromod driver update.

*Added Micromod extended Modbus update.

*Added minor change to alarm handling.

*Added nettle.

*Added PDF Viewer primitive.

*Added ping access to Koyo ECOM UDP/IP driver.

*Added Port Fowarder driver.

*Added reduced code size on Kadets.

*Added Schneider PLC via Modbus serial and ethernet drivers.

*Added second ethernet port to DSP/MC LE models.

*Added Siemens USS driver process data in/out access.

*Added Stiebel Eltron WPMII serial driver.

*Added suppressed bi-directional explicit format code for standard font.

*Added USB Host Expansion Card support.

*Added USB Host Loopback support.

*Added USB host option card CE mods.

*Added UTF-8 encoding support for logged files.

*Added web request parameter access.

*Added Yamaha RCX series drivers.

*Added Yaskawa MPIEC driver configuration update.

*Fixed Animatics driver connection for new class 5 controllers.

*Fixed autotranslate not working 100%.

*Fixed bootloader limits for G308V2, G310E2 and G315.

*Fixed C3 reference manual index.

*Fixed CDL on G3 V2 platforms.

*Fixed comment logging.

*Fixed data logging file limit bug.

*Fixed display of maximum in Yaskawa MPIEC driver.

*Fixed DSP/MC option card filter.

*Fixed Dupline via Modbus Kadet support.

*Fixed Eurotherm 590+ and 690+/650 address selection.

*Fixed further FLASH write issue.

*Fixed further rare problem with widgets.

*Fixed Hitachi response at low baud rates.

*Fixed import of some DSP CD2 files.

*Fixed inclusion of Add Port/Virtual in Kadets.

*Fixed inclusion of OEM driver.

*Fixed incorrect IsBatteryLow indication.

*Fixed language forcing on Vista and Win7.

*Fixed Lenze LECOM A/B Kadet support.

*Fixed manual read arrays.

*Fixed memory leak in nettle.

*Fixed Micromod alarm handling.

*Fixed minor memory leak with momentary button time delay.

*Fixed new C2 platform V2 running V1 color emulation.

*Fixed occasional 0x2F trap under heavy load.

*Fixed OEM build startup problem.

*Fixed problem with data log memory on Kadet.

*Fixed problem with GetCurrentUserRights.

*Fixed problem with ROM file renaming.

*Fixed rare crash with widget security.

*Fixed rare lockup on FLASH erase for G315.

*Fixed security manager password change problem.

*Fixed signature verification.

*Fixed SMS On Message scan.

*Fixed string batch file logging.

*Fixed suppressed bi-directional explicit format code for all fonts.

*Fixed translation of keypad title and status.

*Fixed typo on DIO module name.

*Fixed UI and web server task priorities for MC-based platforms.

*Fixed UTF-8 encoding of CSV files.

*Fixed V2 erratum.

*Fixed web server idle bug.

*Fixed Yaskawa F7 driver on Kadets.

Build 252 - Published Update - October 18th

Fixes and Updates

*Added Acromag TCP/IP master driver.
*Added Allen Bradley L5K driver boolean arrays support.
*Added better bitmap cache control.
*Added better passcode entry behavior.
*Added better performance to log signatures.
*Added better registration behavior on Windows 7.
*Added better update of program tranlation indicator.
*Added Bristol Babcock BSAP TCP/IP driver update.
*Added defensive conversion of WMFs to EMFs.
*Added device level word swap to Modbus TCP/IP master driver.
*Added fallback IP address and DevCtrl() support - Omron FINS ethernet driver.
*Added G3 Series HMI DNS configuration support.
*Added G3 Series HMI DNS resolution function.
*Added ignore read exceptions option to Modbus TCP/IP master.
*Added improved Koyo UDP/IP drivers receive operations.
*Added L5k driver support for large L5k files.
*Added Metasys N2 slave driver update.
*Added NITP based drivers update.
*Added pending program translation indicator.
*Added self-healing of zero-sized groups.
*Added support for atomic bit writes.
*Added time stamps to service logs.
*Added updated driver filter.
*Added updated strings.
*Added Yaskawa MP2000iec driver.
*Fixed CF reset.
*Fixed crash on attempting to copy non-existent image.
*Fixed dial and bar graph primitive label enabling behavior.
*Fixed DST sync problem.
*Fixed edit button cursor placement and improved editor behavior.
*Fixed GPS time sync.
*Fixed inconsistent G308 and G310 naming.
*Fixed incorrect list viewer show page buttons logic.
*Fixed incorrect lookup of programs during config.
*Fixed NAN and INF handling in trend viewer.
*Fixed occasional G304K hang-on-startup issue.
*Fixed problem tags within folders in gateway blocks.
*Fixed problem with DNS name resolution.
*Fixed problem with some integer square roots.
*Fixed problems with Modular Controller import.
*Fixed SMPT server DNS lookup.

Build 241 - Published Update - August 30th


*Fixed alarm viewer won't accept some alarms.

Build 240 - Published Update - August 18th


*Fixed IP address control bug.

Build 238 - Published Update - August 13th

Fixes and Updates

*Added AB L5K driver file parser improvements.
*Added ability to control CSV separator localization.
*Added ability to parse spaces in details page list.
*Added back support for discontinued G308K.
*Added better automatic Treat-As configuration.
*Added better Crimson 2.0 import behavior.
*Added better default real name for security users.
*Added better modem support.
*Added CSV separator follows language setting.
*Added firmware Size increase to 2.5M for G306A.
*Added function to enable or disable battery check.
*Added GetDeviceStatus to DSPLE
*Added increased memory limit for data logs.
*Added improved DecToText when used with unicode text.
*Added improved tag property preservation during import.
*Added improved writes for Compumotor 6K serial driver.
*Added IP address control.
*Added MountCompactFlash API.
*Added modular controller - data station C2 database import.
*Added protection against crash during view data.
*Added support for scaling of internal tags.
*Added time and date primitive.
*Added updated manuals.
*Added warning on disabling IP download.
*Fixed AB native tags serial driver - CD2 import support added.
*Fixed appearance of Auto-Accepted alarms.
*Fixed assume type info in code editor.
*Fixed button hold time with security.
*Fixed CAN EDS file user object report.
*Fixed crash on certain scaled tags on Kadets.
*Fixed crash on device tag recreation.
*Fixed crash on view tags online.
*Fixed generic language handling.
*Fixed incorrect labels in code editor.
*Fixed L5K array address selection behavior.
*Fixed problem with dial gauge update rectangle.
*Fixed problem with emulator programming port.
*Fixed problem with modem on programming port.
*Fixed problem with unicode in source.
*Fixed renaming issues when dragging folders.
*Fixed serial programming link.
*Fixed Unitelway slave communications on V2 units.
*Fixed wrong strings on code editor buttons.

Build 230 - Selective Release - July 2nd

Fixes and Updates

*Added dynamic IP modification via DevCtrl for DF-1 Master.
*Added fallback IP support to Modbus TCP/IP driver.
*Fixed AB L5K array data elements in gateway blocks.
*Fixed crash on code editing dialog on Windows 7.
*Fixed problem with de-normalized lines after popup removal.
*Fixed status fixed on expression IP address control.

Build 229 - Selective Release - June 30th

Fixes and Updates

* Added ability to delete multiple tags.
* Added ability to find unused tags.
* Added ability to sort tags by device.
* Added configurable padding on string tag writes.
* Fixed crash on certain tag import operations.
* Fixed crash on code editing dialog on Windows 7.
* Fixed problem with StdDev and PopDev.
* Fixed problem with Unicode characters in DecToText.

Build 228 - Selective Release - June 29th

Fixes and Updates

* Added better min-max semantics for tags.
* Added remote view support to emulator.
* Added tag index parameter to event label.
* Fixed problem with clear time on alarms.
* Fixed problem with Read When Executed.

Build 227 - Published Update - June 28th

Fixes and Updates

* Added access to Modbus TCP/IP slave driver timeout.
* Added Animatics driver dld's.
* Added batch sending disable on raw serial port.
* Added better disable logic on tag set UI.
* Added better FTP client diagnostics.
* Added better TCP socket scavenging.
* Added better tolerance of slow links to DHCP.
* Added call to master drivers service routine.
* Added changes to tech support dialog.
* Added Contrex ML-Trim et al driver update.
* Added decreased minimum primitive size.
* Added Eaton ELC master serial driver.
* Added filter for selective drivers.
* Added G308C2 to import list.
* Added HBM AED/PW/FIT driver update.
* Added Johnson Controls MetaSys N2 slave driver.
* Added Micromod serial extended Modbus update.
* Added Mitsubishi MELSEC 4 slave driver.
* Added Modbus Device Gateway serial and TCP/IP slave drivers.
* Added more functions to DSPLE.
* Added new model dialog.
* Added quick plot feature.
* Added raw UDP/IP driver.
* Added resizing of complex code editor dialog.
* Added SendFileEx function.
* Added support for G3ENET card.
* Added support for L5K driver padded path.
* Added support for larger lines during tag import.
* Added Unitronics PCOM ascii serial and TCP/IP drivers.
* Added Unitronics PCOM binary serial and TCP/IP drivers.
* Added user configuration for Allen Bradley CSV data tag import.
* Added V2 USB host/device reliability enhancements.
* Added various TCP/IP stack improvements.
* Fixed AB L5K driver alias tag handling.
* Fixed alarm help parameters.
* Fixed alarm viewer color import bug.
* Fixed crash on large numbers of web page substitutions.
* Fixed DecToText padding behavior.
* Fixed device to G3 gateway block operation.
* Fixed double negative on general real format.
* Fixed errors on Modular Controller backplane comms.
* Fixed G308A display support.
* Fixed Garmin NMEA driver.
* Fixed HasAccess on Kadets and emulator.
* Fixed ICP DAS DCON driver analog input requests.
* Fixed if statements with constant 0 expressions.
* Fixed image file failure with some items.
* Fixed import failure on some image primitives.
* Fixed line doesn't honor display state.
* Fixed Modbus Monitor ASCII driver - removed.
* Fixed port sharing on Virtual Serial Port.
* Fixed primitive denormalized rectangle bug.
* Fixed problem with some denormalized lines.
* Fixed rendering of comma in unicode tag export.
* Fixed rounding error on integer data entry.
* Fixed slave driver mapped blocks of direction "Device to G3".
* Fixed spurious battery low message hangs in master V2.
* Fixed upload from units programmed with CDI file.
* Fixed USB race condition in boot loader.
* Fixed various minor transparency issues.
* Fixed web page order manipulation.
* Fixed wrong color in tag set UI.

Build 222 - Published Update - May 5th

Fixes and Updates

* Added updated version of English manual.
* Fixed log file naming.

Build 221 - Release Candidate - April 30th

Fixes and Updates

* Added better over-range handling in numeric format.
* Fixed disabled data entry limits on system tags.
* Fixed handling of translated strings in Widgets.
* Fixed handling of Unicode identifiers in compiler.
* Fixed problem with buttons in certain viewers.
* Fixed still-inaccessible time zone variables..

Build 220 - Release Candidate - April 29th

Fixes and Updates

* Added access to array elements from web pages.
* Added alarm info for OnHelp in alarm viewer.
* Added code to GotoPage to hide popups on null goto.
* Added event viewer primitive coloring per event type.
* Added FTP client performance improvements.
* Added updated the English version of the manual.
* Fixed comms extent update on tag duplication.
* Fixed compressed textured bitmaps on 8bpp units.
* Fixed occasional crash from sorting all items in navigation list.
* Fixed occasional crash on import of cd2 with data entry validation.
* Fixed occasional crash with old buttons with custom actions.
* Fixed Ethernet/IP operation in emulator.
* Fixed incorrect DecToText padding behavior.
* Fixed occasional hang on error search.
* Fixed problem with alarm viewer priority colors corrected.
* Fixed problem when setting entry mode set via menu.
* Fixed problem with dial gauge and read-only tags.
* Fixed problem with mapping blocks not tracking renamed tags.
* Fixed time zone system variables.
* Fixed various data manipulation functions in Widgets.
* Fixed various floating point functions in Emulator.

Build 219 - Published Update - April 22nd

Fixes and Updates

* Added color to event viewer primitive.
* Added exposed port for BACnet UDP/IP slave driver.
* Added Fatek serial and UDP drivers.
* Added forwarded-NPDU support for BACnet UDP/IP slave driver.
* Fixed alarm ticker - minor bug in priority color handling.
* Fixed alarm viewer - priority colors.
* Fixed bug and update Kollmorgen driver.
* Fixed check for NULL after OEM crash.
* Fixed config crash when using certain string functions.
* Fixed erroneous acceptance of nulls in string constants.
* Fixed Intelligent Motion Systems driver - removed.
* Fixed modular controller properties in French.
* Fixed MPI option card failing to work on V2 platforms.
* Fixed ping command for Adam modules 4017 and 4018.
* Fixed Profibus via MPI option card driver - removed.
* Fixed Toshiba Series PLC Kadet word access.
* Fixed two selections of MTS DDA slave version 1.00.
* Fixed USB keyboard.

Build 217 - Published Update - April 14th

Fixes and Updates

* Added ability for hot link controls to take focus.
* Added better data box import logic for array elements.
* Added better driver tag import structure.
* Added better help on Make Tags command.
* Added better logic for enabling complex expressions.
* Added better source editor caret move / select behavior.
* Added Chinese language support to setup program.
* Added Chinese strings to installation bootstrap loader.
* Added coloring options for primitives.
* Added coloring options for symbols.
* Added CTI 2500/2572 CAMP TCP/IP master driver.
* Added CTI 25xx CAMP master serial driver.
* Added CTI NITP serial master driver.
* Added CTI NITP TCP/IP master driver.
* Added divide by zero protection to Trend Viewer.
* Added DNS Server to option list within DHCP client.
* Added driver config object access to comms system.
* Added fast language switching.
* Added Hardy Instruments Hardy Link driver.
* Added ICP DAS DCON serial master driver.
* Added improved detection of broken themes in Windows.
* Added index array support for Danfoss VLT/FC driver.
* Added internal SysDebug function to runtime.
* Added KEB DIN66019II TCP/IP master driver.
* Added Keyence KV Series driver.
* Added Mitsubishi A/Q/FX series UDP/IP master driver.
* Added Mitsubishi FX2N encapsulated TCP/IP master driver.
* Added new image file icon.
* Added new string resources.
* Added PLC Direct Koyo EBC UDP/IP master driver.
* Added retry mechanism to mass storage driver.
* Added retry mechanism to V2 host controller.
* Added Siemens TI-500 series serial driver version 2.
* Added Siemens TI-500 series TCP/IP driver.
* Added support for more digits on line numbers.
* Fixed alarm light logic to match C2.
* Fixed alarm siren behavior.
* Fixed batch set deletion.
* Fixed block position for line primitives.
* Fixed crash on using string program result.
* Fixed crash when deleted tag left on clipboard.
* Fixed crash when transactional writes disables.
* Fixed EIP startup race condition.
* Fixed French application data folder.
* Fixed function help on Windows Vista and above.
* Fixed import bug - validation property not in CPrimRich.
* Fixed J1939 configuration memory problem.
* Fixed layout and ordering of image links.
* Fixed lockup on shutdown.
* Fixed Modular Controller on Windows Vista and above.
* Fixed modules limit for Modular Controller.
* Fixed modules string resource.
* Fixed name property now working.
* Fixed occasional crash on tag import.
* Fixed problem when using Default Integer with scaling.
* Fixed problem with Go menu and its prompts.
* Fixed prompt text too big on G306.
* Fixed race condition in mapping block startup.
* Fixed rare memory leak in Web Server.
* Fixed UI enables on array tag selection.

Build 207 - Published Update - March 16th

Where We're At

We been implementing small improvements and fixes over the last couple of weeks, and have now completed our internal testing to the point where we're ready to do our first official update. This build contains a few extra drivers, especially for our expansion cards. We've also added a much-requested feature, namely the ability to import Allen-Bradley CSV files and automatically create tags within Crimson. International support has also been improved, with Korean fonts now being included in some models, complete with Hangul data entry.

Fixes and Updates

* Added AB Encapsulated DF1 TCP/IP driver.
* Added Baldor MINT host serial master driver.
* Added BCD conversion as Manipulation option.
* Added better comms block formation
* Added better driver tag import structure.
* Added better registration prompting logic.
* Added better string data entry behaviors.
* Added CD2 Baud rate import for CAN.
* Added CD2 Baud rate import for DeviceNet.
* Added code to rebuild comms blocks more often.
* Added cursor to trend viewer.
* Added Dometic AirNet CAN driver.
* Added faster boot loader for G315.
* Added faster flash writes to G315.
* Added flashing control to alarm status bar.
* Added gridline support to scatter graph.
* Added improved C2 database import dialog.
* Added improvements to RSLogix file import.
* Added J1939 driver.
* Added Korean gylphs to Hei 16 font image.
* Added localization of web server strings.
* Added more pen choices to trend viewer.
* Added most recent code signing keys.
* Added Motrona LECOM Master serial driver.
* Added new Modular Controller memory layout.
* Added OnAccept property to alarm objects.
* Added RSLogix CSV file import facility.
* Added runtime display update watchdog.
* Added sanity checks on bound widgets.
* Added support for Korean Hangul text entry.
* Added support for L5K EMERGENCY_STOP.
* Added support for L5K ENABLE_PENDANT.
* Added time display to trend viewer cursor.
* Added USB keyboards and barcode readers.
* Fixed 6" Kadet display size error.
* Fixed array element bit selection syntax.
* Fixed driver range errors in CANOpen SDO Master.
* Fixed driver range errors in FlowComm.
* Fixed extracted database reload on OEMs builds.
* Fixed mapping block validation problems.
* Fixed memory leak on some rich bar graphs.
* Fixed non-refreshing alarm email selection.
* Fixed occasional crash on F1 function help.
* Fixed occasional debris from popup keypad.
* Fixed problem with Kadet sending i386 DLDs.
* Fixed problem with non-decimal TextToInt calls.
* Fixed problem with pasting MC modules.
* Fixed problem with PortInput on Kadets.
* Fixed problem with re-importing some L5K files.
* Fixed problem with some Kadet fonts.
* Fixed sign extension of some PIDs in CDL.

Build 201 - Hot Fix - March 3rd

Where We're At

We expected the week to be a busy one, and sure enough, we've had a few customer reports that have needed our attention. Most have been pretty minor, but a few are of enough concern that we've rolled out a hot fix build containing the necessary modifications. We won't be making this the default download right now, as there are a few minor changes we shall want to roll into the next formal release, which should happen at the beginning of next week. If you want to get hold of this build, please contact Technical Support.

Fixes and Updates

* Added degrees symbol to standard gylph set.
* Added extended FLASH life on V2 platforms.
* Added latest version of WinPCAP libraries.
* Fixed problem with re-importing some L5K files.
* Fixed problem with emulator version numbering.
* Fixed problem with Modular Controller scaling.
* Fixed problem with Profibus comms driver.
* Fixed problem with redraw of some data items.

Build 200 - Initial RTM - February 19th

Where We're At

Build 200 is the Crimson 3.0 gold build. As usual, there were a few adjustments before it was ready to go, but we're confident that we've got a stable product for which we can provide solid support. If you've been a Red Lion user in the past, you'll know it's our policy to provide regular updates, so don't be surprised to see few features added as soon as in the next few weeks.

Fixes and Updates

* Added ability to use tag names in web editing.
* Added array stepping to tag duplication.
* Added better tag format object selections.
* Added fixed-width hex characters to some fonts.
* Added persistent state to Quick Bar.
* Added slow link option for TCP/IP download.
* Added support for Finnish and Korean languages.
* Added stack frame option for better bug tracking.
* Fixed AB L5K import for aliased tags.
* Fixed auto-translation indexing problem.
* Fixed firmware update issues over TCP/IP.
* Fixed incorrect copyright date.
* Fixed startup behavior of level triggered alarms.
* Fixed memory leak on certain data fields.
* Fixed Modular Controller signed data.
* Fixed occasional hang on startup.
* Fixed potential crash on cancelling widget edit.
* Fixed problem with images included in database.
* Fixed hide-show redraw logic on widgets.
* Fixed widget page name resolution order.

Build 199 - February 16th

Where We're At

Ladies and gentlemen, we have our release candidate! This build is the result of the final round of testing in-house, and the most recent feedback we've got from our tech preview program partners. We've also been making a few last-minute tweaks to the UI to make the software even easier to use. For example, we've added separate download configuration for Kadets and G3s to avoid your having to keep switching from USB to serial and back again, and we've improved the behavior of the mouse scroll wheel. Little things, but they make the difference between world class software, and some of the other junks that's out there! We'll be hammering this a bit more in the next couple of days, and if we're happy, we'll make our formal launch announcement.

Fixes and Updates

* Added better handling of deleted device identifiers.
* Added better handling of errors in complex actions.
* Added better initialization to vertical scale primitive.
* Added better overflow detection to data fields.
* Added automatic buffer sizing for data logs.
* Added better automatic path naming for logs.
* Added better block shrinking on encoding change.
* Added better CI3 support on G306A, DSP and MC.
* Added better Update to tags references on move.
* Added defensive normalization of nav trees.
* Added enhanced GE SNP-X configuration.
* Added improved write handling for Parker 6K.
* Added improvements to scroll-wheel behavior.
* Added new and modified CDL PIDs.
* Added new V2 model names to match P/Ns.
* Added series-specific Link options configuration.
* Added Toshiba Series PLC serial driver.
* Fixed Allen-Bradley native tag timer access.
* Fixed comms problem after dragging strings and arrays
* Fixed config crash when using Slovak language.
* Fixed incorrect extension on C3I file in manual.
* Fixed memory leak on properties of string tags.
* Fixed problem with large BACnet object lists.
* Fixed problem with ForceCopy API.

Build 195 - February 12th

Where We're At

As you can tell from the build number, we've been rattling through some internal builds trying to get this thing out of the door. We also decided to add a few last-minute customer requests, most notably support for multi-line data items. These allow us to import the apparently very popular Crimson 2.0 multi-line primitives, and also provide extra functionality beyond what C2 provided. We've also been going through whatever C2 databases we can get our hands on to stress the import function, and we've been fixing whatever we've found as we go along. When you add further localization, additional driver testing and about 20-inches of snow, it's been a busy couple of weeks!

Fixes and Updates

* Added better runtime popup menu behavior.
* Added CAN resident drivers to runtime.
* Added CANOpen Baldor SDO slave driver.
* Added CANOpen SDO master driver.
* Added CANOpen SDO slave driver.
* Added configurable title on popup keypad.
* Added DeviceNet driver.
* Added import of multi-line primitives.
* Added new French translations and fixed typos.
* Added OPC master driver.
* Added popup menu to Goto Page action.
* Added support for multi-line data items.
* Added unique USB serial numbers.
* Added various C2 import improvements.
* Added workaround for broken FTP servers.
* Fixed AB L5K driver name loading.
* Fixed AB Native Tags driver name loading.
* Fixed CAN driver problems on emulator.
* Fixed use of simulated data when comms disabled.
* Fixed divide-by-zero error on small graduated fills.
* Fixed Ethernet/IP support on Kadet.
* Fixed missing Baud rate on expansion cards.
* Fixed problem with drivers and string config items.
* Fixed problems with widgets data and movement.
* Fixed typos in data logging properties.
* Fixed various balloon help typos.
* Fixed various import problems.

Build 190 - January 28th

Where We're At

We've figured out the 64-bit driver installation problem! The whole thing is horribly complicated, and relates to the fact that no single way of installing drivers will work with all the operating systems we're supporting. This means we've ended up with a stub that invokes one of three (count 'em!) methods, based on whether we're Win2K, a newer 32-bit OS, or a newer 64-bit OS. The upshot of it all is that it works, and we now install fully-signed drivers that work on every platform that's out there from Win2K upwards. This build also contains a few little fixes, and a new feature added in response to a special request from a customer regarding time and date formats.

Fixes and Updates

* Added new USB driver installation system to handle all OS targets.
* Added configurable time and date separators for Jim Harbin.
* Added better diagnostics to the save-image-to-disk API.
* Fixed problem with drivers that have strings in their configurations.
* Fixed tag import-export functionality with certain versions of Excel.

Build 189 - January 27th

Where We're At

The biggest change in this build is the incorporation of signed USB drivers. This means you'll no longer get the scary warning message telling you to STOP when you plug in a new USB device. This build also has the setup framework for 64-bit drivers, but we're just finalizing a problem with the signatures on those. These have to be correct, or Windows 7 won't install the files. We've also finished-up the international installation support, and the Chinese version now installs and references the correct manual.

Fixes and Updates

* Added signed USB drivers, including initial 64-bit versions.
* Added compile options to reduce code size on some platforms.
* Added better international setup support, especially for Chinese.
* Added code to better handle manually-edited database files.
* Added larger nonce cache for digest web server authentication.
* Fixed problem with localized company name in widget path.
* Fixed oversized boot loader limit on Modular Controller.
* Fixed problem with tag import-export and multiline code.
* Fixed problem with renaming folders in some circumstances.
* Fixed problem when writing to certain mapped string tags.
* Fixed configuration compilation issues with certain drivers.

Build 187 - January 26th

Fixes and Updates

* Added ability for setup to install Chinese manual.
* Added support for Modular Controller Master V2.
* Fixed problem with certain slave protocols.
* Fixed problem with downloading exe-based update.

Build 185 - January 26th

Where We're At

We're in the last stages of wrapping up the first release, and we hope to have it posted to the web by the end of the month. We're adding a few last-minute features that have been requested, and also fixing the minor bugs that are coming to light as more and more customers use the product. The biggest job we've been finishing is the international language support, and to that end, the new build uses a setup.exe file instead of the setup.msi we were employing before. This so-called bootstrap program allows us to localize the installation process, and also to ensure that the correct version of the manual is installed. If you download this build via the update process, you'll still get the old setup.msi, but then on the next update, it will switch to the executable. If you download from the link on the front page, you'll get the executable straight away, with support for French, German and Spanish. We support Chinese in the Crimson application, but the setup and manual are still in English at the moment.

Fixes and Updates

* Added support for ShowMenu(...) functionality.
* Added setup.exe to handle international installs.
* Fixed problem with dial primitives on some popups.

Build 184 - January 25th

Fixes and Updates

* Fixed syntax coloring problems with Run(...) statements.
* Fixed problem accessing properties of array elements.
* Fixed failure to update some transparent images.
* Fixed crash on certain invalid image file references.
* Fixed (harmless) invalid handle on shutdown of Crimson.
* Fixed problems during startup of BACnet slave drivers.
* Fixed French translations to correct some terminology.
* Fixed broken copyright date in splash screen window.
* Fixed event viewer etc. to keep position without focus.

Build 183 - January 22nd

Fixes and Updates

* Added support for disabling remote data entry.
* Added time units to various configuration items.
* Added support for tag names in web page [[...]] syntax.
* Added field overflow detection to numeric format object.
* Fixed incorrectly mapped comms with certain block layouts.
* Fixed program editor bug with when pasting in single line mode.
* Fixed failure of alarm ticker primitive to honor font.
* Fixed problem with primitives in invisible groups.

Build 180 - January 19th

Fixes and Updates

* Fixed switch to "tag foreground" on tag drop.
* Fixed random resetting of dial primitive properties.

Build 179 - January 18th

Fixes and Updates

* Added "capture to clipboard" in graphics editor.
* Added function to report current battery status.
* Added more expandable alarm and event hooks.
* Changed further config buttons to hotlink controls.
* Changed position of decimal on numeric keypad.
* Changed naming of the two startup actions.
* Changed copyright date to reflect the new decade.
* Fixed various tag import problems with Excel.
* Fixed certain delete operations in program editor.
* Fixed problem with new security APIs.
* Fixed missing string in Siemens network driver.
* Fixed problem with "swap words in long".
* Fixed unwanted renaming of tags ending in _.
* Fixed inconsistent use of fixed size digits.

Build 177 - January 7th

Fixes and Updates

* Added ability to save panel configuration to CF card.
* Added ability to load and save security configuration.
* Added new security APIs to access user name etc.
* Improved icons for Modular Controller configuration.
* Improved program editor behavior when WAS present.
* Improved complex expression behavior when WAS present.
* Improved complex color and action editing behavior. 
* Fixed web server re images from custom sites.
* Fixed touch-screen calibration issues on G315.
* Fixed drop shadow on certain rich primitives.
* Fixed crash on import of certain C2 databases.
* Fixed problem importing some tag sets from C2.
* Fixed situation where basic arrays could have void type.
* Fixed stupid regression re Kadet model selection.
* Relaxed software registration requirements.

Build 176 - January 6th

Fixes and Updates

* Added missing L5K drivers.
* Added remote/local protection.

Build 175 - January 5th

Fixes and Updates

* Added real icons for Modular Controller.
* Added missing UI schemas to install.
* Changed page timeout to behave as C2.

Build 174 - January 4th

Where We're At

As we near the finish line, we've been crossing-off the final items on the TO-DO list. The biggest change in this build is that we now support the Modular Controller series, although we're waiting on the final icons from the art department! We have also added the new Watch Window. This allows groups of tags to be viewed, showing either their simulated status, or the online status read from the operator panel. Tags or gateway blocks can be added to the Watch Window, and you can select a page and have Crimson watch all the tags that the page references. You will also notice that the Watch Window is modeless ie. you can carry on editing the database or exploring your page without having to stop monitoring. We'll be extending the Watch Window further in later releases, but it already provides a debugging tool well ahead of that provided by Crimson 2. Other cool features include improved Allen-Bradley drivers with program tag support, and an enhancement to the basic tag that allows programmatic lookup tables to be created and to be accessed as tags.

Fixes and Updates

* Added support for Modular Controller.
* Added support for G308V2 hardware.
* Added support for the Watch Window.
* Added ability to create basic array tags.
* Added new, improved L5K driver.
* Added support for Allen-Bradley program tags.
* Various other tweaks and fixes.

Build 173 - December 18th

Where We're At

This build has a number of improvement and fixes, but the biggest change is the incorporation of configuration localization for French, German, Spanish and Simplified Chinese. This means that the configuration software can now be used by non-English speakers in countries using these languages, making it much easier for our non-US channel partners and customers. The software gets its language setting from Window's current locale, but can be forced into a particular language with the "-lang" switch on the command line. This switch should be followed by "en", "fr", "de", "es" or "zh-cn" as required. Note that the switch name and language names have changed since Crimson 2. Note also that there are a few tidy-ups to do re menu accelerators and a couple of dialog boxes. Apart from that, this build ought to be pretty much complete as far as localization is concerned. The translated versions of the manual are due next, and ought to be included in a build some time soon. International customers ought also to be pleased by the addition of Unicode support to the SMS engine. This will allow, say, Chinese text messages to be sent and process by the unit.

Fixes and Updates

* Added Unicode support to runtime SMS engine.
* Added driver default to numeric tag Treat As.
* Added fixed width A-F glyphs to improve hex display.
* Added French language support in configuration.
* Added German language support in configuration.
* Added Spanish language support in configuration.
* Added Chinese language support in configuration.
* Fixed trend viewer's failure to use pen colors for data.
* Fixed nasty looking dotted lines in trend viewer.
* Fixed incorrect masking when Treat As set to Unsigned.
* Fixed fixed-width conversion of prefix and units strings.
* Fixed problem with too many custom colors.

Build 172 - December 7th

Fixes and Updates

* Fixed problem with bricking of G306A.
* Added access to online release notes.

Build 171 - December 2nd

Where We're At

Today we've been knocking-out a few user requests...

You can now you to specify a minimum activation time for any primitive performing a momentary action. For example, you can configure a momentary pushbutton such that the coil in the PLC to which it is writing will be on for at least 500ms. This makes it much easier to deal with slow communications links.

Widgets have been improved to make them more self-contained, and thus more portable between projects and between users. You can now specify actions such as On Update etc. on a per widget basis, and you can use unbound writable widget data items as local storage to hold a widget's context.

We have expanded the background processing capabilities of Crimson, such that programs can now be run in the context of the calling task, or via one of three different background tasks. This makes it easier to run multiple background programs without having to get into the home-made scheduler business!

Fixes and Updates

* Added local actions (eg. On Update) to widgets.
* Added local storage for unbound widget data items.
* Added support for multiple background programs.
* Added support for running complex actions in background.
* Added support for custom actions on illuminated buttons.
* Added minimum activation time for illuminated buttons.
* Added minimum activation time for biased toggle switches.
* Added minimum activation time for momentary actions.
* Fixed problem with parameters to background programs.
* Fixed problem with enable property on alarms and events.

Build 170 - December 2nd

Fixes and Updates

* Fixed problem with import of certain mapping blocks.

Build 169 - December 2nd

Fixes and Updates

* Fixed problem with dynamic scales and integer tags.
* Fixed incorrect display of format types in primitives.
* Fixed inability to find errors in mappings and tag sets.

Build 168 - December 1st

Where We're At

Most of the work just before Thanksgiving and at the start of this week has been concentrated on hardware support, with the Data Station Plus LE, SX and GT models now added to the list of platforms supported by the Technology Preview Program. The Modular Controller will come next, and then we'll have everything supported, apart from the monochrome units. We have also been listening to customer feedback, and will be adding a few more last-minute features before we ship the products. Comms testing continues, of course, although the driver status information in the build has not been updated to show the progress we have made.

Fixes and Updates

* Fixed import problem with trend viewer background.
* Fixed treatment of upper-case accented characters.
* Relaxed restrictions on nested movement behaviors.
* Added support for Data Station Plus in configuration.
* Added support for Data Station Plus in runtime.

Build 167 - November 24th


We found another potential problem with the Kadet boot loader.
Here's another build just to be sure that we've covered everything.

Build 166 - November 23rd

Where We're At

The Technology Preview Program seems to be a great success, and we're grateful to everyone who has signed up, and especially those who have provided feedback. The majority of issues so far seem to have been related to the import of CD2 files. This isn't too much of a surprise given how varied these can be and how difficult it is to get 100% test coverage in-house, and we hope you'll keep letting us know of any problems. We'll be rolling out updates to C3 as we address customer issues and move towards release: You can help us by providing prompt feedback of any problems, and also by letting us know if you've used any of the red comms drivers and confirmed their operation. Again, we're testing them all here, but when you've got 200+ drivers, it takes quite a while to get through the list.

Bricked Kadets

It appears that Build 155 contained a bug that could brick a Kadet unit when moving back to C2 after using C3 in the same device. This build fixes the problem by including an updated boot loader. Please use Build 166 to download to any Kadets that you have previously updated to Boot Loader 61. This will avoid bricking. If anyone managed to brick their unit, please contact us ASAP and we'll ship you a replacement.

Fixes and Updates

* Added support for manual adjustment of size and position.
* Added relative mode to position dialog for use within groups.
* Added ability to extract CD2 files from units running Crimson 2.
* Added email field to protection dialog for secure password recovery.
* Added complete support for import of multi-line status primitives.
* Added partial support for import of multi-line multi-state primitives.
* Added missing CD2 imports and database conversions.
* Added support to display infinite and NAN values.
* Added better type tracking when editing numeric constant tags.
* Added Min and Max values of tags to comms scan at runtime.
* Fixed hang on import when CD2 contained non-TrueType fonts.
* Fixed multi color and format import issue on Windows 7.
* Fixed incorrect assignment of state values during multi color import.
* Fixed failure to import global UI actions eg. On Startup.
* Fixed various import issues relating to rich bars primitives.
* Fixed import of buttons and so on that have empty text fields.
* Fixed problem with registration on some Windows 7 installation.
* Fixed problem whereby Auto-Save did not like multiple instances.
* Fixed weird floating point display using general format in emulator.
* Fixed problem with compiler with certain string expressions.

Build 165 - November 13th

Initial release for the Technical Preview Program.